8 Point Non-Surgical Face Lift

Non Surgical Face Lift

The 8 point face lift is one of the most advanced methods of non surgical anti-ageing facial contouring, and is one of our most sought after treatments as it provides youthful rejuvenation and natural enhancement suited to your individual facial features and concerns. With little downtime needed, you can see your face lifted and refreshed immediately after the treatment.

Revitalise and refresh your facial features with an 8-point lift

The treatment uses 4 syringes of the highest quality fillers in targeted areas of the face to combat the loss of volume we begin to notice in the fat pads from the age of around 30 onwards: fat pads in the face tend to descend and shrink, giving a drooping appearance, particularly around the cheek areas, between the mouth and jawline and at the nose to mouth region.

The 8-point lift – a focused version of our dermal fillers treatment – reverses these concerns in a less invasive way: your face will be gently contoured with your cheeks plumped and lifted, your jaw will be redefined, the corners of your mouth will be tweaked, and your fine lines will be softened. The procedure gives a subtle and natural effect, and we will never leave you looking plastic or frozen. The 8-point facelift will add harmony to your face, restoring symmetry and youthfulness in a way that is tailored directly to you so we can make you look and feel your best.

Results you can see straight away

Here at La Belle Forme, we have the skillset, knowledge and experience to offer the 8-point non-surgical facelift at the highest standard – in fact, our expertise and artistic eye mean that our practitioners often train others on how to carry out these treatments.

We only use top of the range fillers to give you the most long-lasting and effective results.

The 8-point face lift difference – long-lasting and effective results

For the best results, we recommend repeat treatments every 6 months. Around 25% of our patients want to have additional treatment one month later and we are usually able to repeat the treatment when the filler settles into the tissues, over a period of a month or so. This allows us to target areas in the face that need it the most, gradually building volume and reversing the ageing process in the most gentle and natural way possible, restoring your vitality and confidence.

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Before and After

8 point Face Flift

8 point Face Flift

What our patients say

"I had a wonderful experience with from start to finish. The surgeon listened to my concerns and expectations from my treatment and answered fully any questions that I had. Delighted with the overall result"

Lisa Rickard
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