Rhinoplasty Aftercare Information

Rhinoplasty Aftercare Information

Aftercare instructions following Rhinoplasty

We want you to have the very best results following your rhinoplasty operation.  In order to help you achieve this, please follow the suggestions below. These bullet points provide some information on what to expect and some after-care instructions:

First Week

  • Immediately after the operation, you will have some dressings (called packs) within the nose. These will be removed before you leave the hospital.  There may be a small amount of blood when the packs are removed – this is normal.
  • You will have a splint on the outside of your nose. This will be removed after about a week and you should try to keep it dry during this time.  If the splint falls off before, however, do not worry and just leave it off.
  • There will be a few stitches on the skin of your nose (these may be under the splint, at the sidewall of the nose or at your columella) and will be removed in 1 week when you are seen again.
  • There will also be some stitches inside the nose – these are dissolvable and do not need to be removed.
  • The nose will be swollen and you will have some bruising around the nose and eyes. Most of the swelling and bruising will resolve after several weeks but if you are on aspirin or other blood thinning medications, this may last longer.
  • Sleeping elevated with a couple of pillows for the first week can help with the swelling.  After one week, makeup can be used to hide the bruising.
  • Avoid touching or applying any pressure on the nose.
  • You may experience some mild nasal pain or headaches which should settle within a few days. We will also give you some painkillers to go home with.
  • There may be a small amount of watery blood-stained nasal discharge in the first two weeks. Gently wipe this but do not blow your nose in the first two weeks as it may restart bleeding.
  • If you need to sneeze, do this with your mouth open.
  • Very rarely, there may be some numbness of the teeth.

Beyond the first week

  • The nose will feel blocked for 3 weeks and will improve as the swelling settles.
  • Avoid wearing spectacles for 6 weeks after the nasal splint is removed.  If you must wear spectacles, discuss this with your surgeon.
  • Avoid any heavy lifting or straining for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid dusty and dirty environments.
  • You should not return to work for 2 weeks.
  • If you are a smoker, try to avoid smoking for 1 month afterwards as it delays healing.

When do we see you next?

You will be seen at the hospital in which you had the operation about 1 week after surgery to check how you are getting on.  The nurse will remove the nasal splint and stitches on the outside of your nose.  Your surgeon will then see you at about 6 weeks in the clinic to check the result although it may take up to 1 year for the fine swelling to settle and the final result.

It is very rare to have heavy bleeding, discharging pus from the nose or severe nasal pain but if you have any of these or if you have any questions or problems before we are next due to see you, please call the clinic on 0141 552 0828.

If you are extremely worried about a reaction to a treatment you can contact our emergency helpline on 07307792653

At any point during a patient’s treatment if you have any concerns you can contact; Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) who are the regulators for independent healthcare services across Scotland.

You can contact them at Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Independent Healthcare Team, Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 9EB or by calling 0131 623 4342.

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