Caitlin wearing her compression garment following breast

A Huge Weight Lifted: Caitlin's Breast Reduction Story

A Huge Weight Lifted: Caitlin's Breast Reduction Story

Before her breast reduction, Caitlin was forced to wear two sports bras and a bodysuit to support her breasts when jogging. Now she can run for the first time without pain.

Life Before Breast Reduction

Caitlin before and after her weight loss

Back in February this year we had the pleasure of meeting Caitlin, a mother and makeup-artist from Ecclefechan.

She embarked on an inspiring weight loss journey back in September 2023 and was able to loose an incredible 16kg over 3 months. But the one place the weight was not shifting was her breasts.

Her 20H bust made running painful, and she often returned home crying due to back pain. This was despite layering on two small sports bras and a body suit to support her breasts. She also found it very difficult to find clothes she felt comfortable in.

“I have struggled with the size of my breasts since I was thirteen, and have had periods of time of feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin. Prior to weight loss, I would regularly get ready for nights out, then have a meltdown about the size of my breasts and cancel the evening ... Losing weight but still feeling overweight was such a horrible feeling, and to have my fitness plan ruined by the size of my breasts was disheartening.”

Having heard about a friend’s positive experience at La Belle Forme, she decided to book her breast reduction consultation with consultant plastic

surgeon, Mr Parkash Lohana. Caitlin reflects:

“From the outset, I knew this clinic was special. Everyone was so kind and supportive, answering all my questions and helping me manage my nerves. I knew the minute I walked through the door that I wanted to have my breast reduction surgery there.”

Life After Breast Reduction

Following her consultation, she went ahead with her procedure last month. Her procedure was a success! Mr Lohana was able to remove an impressive 1.6kg of breast tissue from her chest.

Before and after breast reduction selfie
Before and after breast reduction

“After the surgery, it was like a weight had been lifted, both physically and emotionally. I am looking forward to running in just one sports

bra! I’m off on holiday soon and have bought myself a bikini - when I saw myself in the mirror I was in disbelief. I can’t believe it’s me. If anybody is considering breast reduction surgery, I would say to do your research and then go for it. This surgery has changed my life.”

It has been a privilege for La Belle Forme to look after Caitlin and help her along this inspiring journey. Her surgeon, Mr Lohana, offered some kind words:

“It is immensely gratifying to witness the positive impact surgery has had on her wellbeing, and we wish her all the best for the future.”

Thank you to the Daily Record for their coverage of this fantastic story.

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