Breast Enlargement

“I can totally recommend Dr. Lohana. I would give him 100 stars, not 5!

I had my breast enlargement 6 weeks ago I feel great and they look fantastic! After my first consultation, I knew Mr Lohana was the surgeon I wanted to do my surgery, I was confident I would be in the best hands with him, he was so caring, friendly and knowledgeable. He was so patient with me as I didn’t know what size I wanted to be and I kept changing my mind.

After my consultation, I met Natalie, ah!! She was so lovely to me. Natalie is like your best friend, she is there for you anytime if you want to ask her any questions. I was given the 3D scans which are fantastic to show you what you can look like with different size boobs. So you are given an amazing opportunity to choose the right size for you, and Dr Lohana gives you great advice on what size he thinks is right for you too.

On the day of my surgery, I was taken to my room in La Belle Forme. I was so surprised it was more like a hotel room than a hospital. Then later on I was visited by my anaesthetist, he came to introduce himself and to see if I had any questions I wanted to ask him. It was really nice to meet him before my surgery. Then Mr Lohana came to see how I was and that I was happy to go ahead. He just puts you at ease. I was not nervous at all, I felt so safe and confident with him.

When I woke up from my surgery I had no pain at all! I just felt as if I had the best nights sleep ever! I was looked after by such caring and friendly nurses, they made sure I was comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with my whole experience, it was truly amazing! And I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with my surgery.

The aftercare you get is fantastic too! So thank you so much !”

Breast Reduction

“After wanting a breast reduction for quite some time I finally booked a consultation through La Belle Forme who helped me choose which surgeon would be best for me and I am so so glad I went ahead with Mr Lohana. I went for my consultation in August 2020 and Mr Lohana immediately made me feel at ease and really listened to what I hoped to achieve from my surgery.

I also met my patient coordinator Roslyn on this day who provided extremely in-depth knowledge about the surgery and gave me a clear, realistic view of the recovery period to prepare me as much as possible. After deciding to go ahead with my surgery, both Roslyn and Mr Lohana worked hard to accommodate my work commitments and schedule me in for a date that worked for me.

Roslyn then kept in touch weekly between my consultation and my surgery which was really useful as she could answer any questions which popped into mind and she also really helped me to prepare for going in for surgery.

On the day of my surgery, Mr Lohana went through another consultation with me and settled my nerves before going into surgery. He came back several times and the next morning again to check on me which really made me feel better. After being discharged I knew I could contact LBF, or Roslyn at any time.

When I had a little bump in the road with some delayed healing, both Roslyn and Mr Lohana both phoned me regularly to check-in and extra nurse appointments were arranged.

I felt I was in extremely good hands and you know Mr Lohana really cares about you and your recovery. Mr Lohana also scheduled extra visits to LBF for me (in addition to six-week check-in) to keep a further eye and arranged for me to have some extra treatments to speed up recovery. I am now almost 5 months post-op and the results are incredible and are genuinely better than I could have ever imagined.

I am so so grateful to Mr Lohana and all the staff at LBF, especially Roslyn for helping me through my journey. I would thoroughly recommend Mr Lohana and would tell anyone considering a breast reduction with Mr Lohana that you would be in the best hands. Mr Lohana tells you that you will become part of his ‘family’ and it definitely feels that way.

Breast Augmentation

I really can’t recommend Dr Lohana enough! He is just absolutely phenomenal at his job! I was extremely impressed by how friendly and informative he was with me and the amount of time he put aside to discuss everything about the procedure. I was very much looking for quite a big change but a natural-looking outcome which is not an easy task! After my first consultation with Dr L, I left knowing that he would be the best person to return to as he understood exactly what would suit my body. I have three friends that, after seeing my results, are now looking to book a consultation with Dr Lohana. An absolutely fantastic surgeon with a friendly and positive manner who totally puts you at ease every step of the way.

Happy Patient


Just want to thank Dr Lohana and the team for the most amazing results.
From start to finish I couldn’t of asked to be taken care of more. Dr Lohana made sure my needs were met physically and mentally and cared for me throughout. He has given me such life changing results that I am in love with, the team are amazing, from the receptionists, nurses and doctors to the Anaesthetists, all just so amazing at their job.
Would do it all again if I could!

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