Close up of surgeon using a surgical marker pen while marking body of fat woman in underwear before tummy tuck surgery.

Life-changing Abdominoplasty Result

Abdominoplasty surgery can be lifechanging.

Recently, we received an incredible testimonial from one of our abdominoplasty patients. She gave some heart-warming insight into how her procedure has impacted her life just 3 weeks post-op.

Over the years our patient struggled to feel confident in her own skin. Following the birth of her children, she felt that her body had changed in a way she struggled with. She hid her figure beneath baggy clothes and hadn’t worn jeans in over a decade. Having put her family first for years, she decided it was time to do something just for her. Three weeks after her procedure she reflects on her experience and the positive impact it has had so far:

I have been completely blown away by the service at La Belle Forme. From the wonderful receptionists who remember me every time I come in and continue our conversations where we left off when they last saw me. They are friendly, and welcoming, and an amazing first impression. The clinic itself is beautiful, clean, and professional. I knew immediately I was in the best place.

Abdominoplasty patient 3 weeks post op
Abdominoplasty patient 3 weeks post-op. She still has some swelling here. Her scar will soften and fade as she heals.

[Mr] Shoaib is just incredible! He made me feel comfortable and reassured during my initial visit, and then at my procedure appointment, he was just wonderful. He made me calm, safe, and worry-free before I went into the theatre. At the moment I’m three weeks post-op, I know I have a lot of swelling and healing to do but so far the results are phenomenal and [Mr] Shoaib has changed my life. I finally feel like I can be a happier and more confident version of myself.

The whole staff in the theatre were amazing and they had me smiling right until I went under for the surgery. I honestly couldn’t speak higher of the clinic, the staff the surgeon … and also the results. Thank you all for this life-changing experience.”

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty surgery – also known as a “tummy tuck” – is a body contouring procedure that aims to flatten and tighten the stomach. This is achieved through the removal of excess skin and fat. Tightening of the abdominal muscles is also frequently performed to create a toned, flat appearance. Liposuction can be a great accompaniment to this procedure to remove stubborn pockets of fat in areas like the love handles.

The ideal abdominoplasty patient is someone who has excess sagging skin following dramatic weight loss or pregnancy, has separated abdominal muscles, and has stubborn areas of fat that exercise has not addressed.

Considering an Abdominoplasty?

La Belle Forme is home to some of the country’s leading plastic surgeons. If you have been considering abdominoplasty surgery for some time, begin your journey today by booking a consultation. Just head to our enquiries page to request a call back from one of our friendly front-of-house team, or head to our online booking system.