Failure to Regulate Cosmetic Injectables

“The Scottish Government should be ashamed of themselves, allowing the good people of Scotland to be placed at risk, for failing to regulate the cosmetic injectables medical specialty,” said La Belle Forme Medical Director Mr Taimur Shoaib.

Mr Shoaib’s quote was featured in an article in Aesthetic Medicine on 22nd March 2024. The quote was in response to recent news stories about the lack of regulation in the aesthetic salon sector. Hairdressers and beauticians can inject patients’ faces with no regard for consequences and no regulation of their activities. Heavily regulated, legitimate, medical facilities end up picking up the pieces when amateur injectors put people at risk.

The absence of legislation has led to an influx of unqualified practitioners and has contributed to a rise in complications associated with cosmetic procedures, including infections, necrosis, and blindness. Additionally, the prevalence of unlicensed and counterfeit products, such as Botox, poses further risks to patient safety.

They call it an industry but actually we’re a medical speciality and this is why the situation is no better in the rest of the UK where unregulated lays can inject without consequences, when they cause complications to the unsuspecting public.

Despite calls for action and promises from the Scottish government to ensure that cosmetic treatments are performed by trained professionals, no concrete steps have been taken. This lack of regulation has prompted concerns about patient safety and the need for stricter oversight in the sector.


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