Duty of Candour

Organisational Duty of Candour

The organisational duty of candour procedure is a legal duty which sets out how organisations should tell those affected that an unintended or unexpected incident appears to have caused harm or death. They are required to apologise and to meaningfully involve them in a review of what happened.Duty of Candour La Belle Forme at Glasgow Day Surgery Centre

Every healthcare professional must be open and honest with patients and from April 2018 there is a statutory Duty of Candour requirement for clinics operating in Scotland.

When something goes wrong with someone’s treatment or care and this causes harm or death, health and social care professionals have a duty to tell people the truth. This is called the
organisational duty of candour.

La Belle Forme (LBF) promotes a culture of openness and truthfulness which the company views as a prerequisite for improving the safety of patients, family members, and staff as well as delivering the highest quality of care.

Duty of candour is the responsibility of all staff employed by La Belle Forme and any contractors, sub-contractors, visitors, and any other persons having reason to work within the clinic and who are involved in the delivery of care: all those dealing with patients, staff and family members; all those who may be required to deal with external agencies or regulatory authorities on LBF’s behalf.

Candour was defined by Robert Francis as:

 ‘The volunteering of all relevant information to persons who have or may have been harmed by the provision of services, whether or not the information has been requested and whether or not a complaint or a report about that provision has been made.’

 The Being Open principles and ethical duty of openness apply to all incidents and any failure in care or treatment. Specifically, the Duty of Candour applies to incidents whereby moderate harm, significant harm or death has occurred.

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