Mole Removal – Check and Remove

Worried about moles?

Our Mole Clinic provides you with an assessment of moles and pigmented lesions you may be concerned about. In most cases, moles are just benign coloured growth on the surface of the skin and are nothing to worry about. Moles normally appear during childhood and adolescence and are normally stable in size and colour when you reach adulthood. If you have moles that start to change colour, or size or become broken on the surface you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Unlike other mole clinics held in pharmacies or beauty salons, at our clinic, a surgeon will review your moles and investigate in detail any that may be of concern. As with our skin cancer clinic, these can be removed and sent for analysis the same day.


  • Primary excision of malignant lesion – Head & Neck
  • Primary excision of malignant lesion – Trunk & Limbs
  • Curettage/cryotherapy of lesions of skin (including cauterisation)
  • Shave biopsy of lesion of skin
  • Biopsy of the skin or subcutaneous tissue excision of lesion of the skin or subcutaneous tissue – Head & Neck (excluding lipoma)
  • Excision of lesion of the skin or subcutaneous tissue – Trunk & Limbs (excluding lipoma)
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Before and After

Mole Removal

Mole Removal

What our patients say

"I had a wonderful experience with from start to finish. The surgeon listened to my concerns and expectations from my treatment and answered fully any questions that I had. Delighted with the overall result"

Lisa Rickard
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