Team Building Day

La Belle Forme held a fantastic team-building day, at the LOCKED IN escape rooms in Glasgow last week.

Every successful organisation needs to have great communication across all the different units. Everyone is usually very busy working for their own teams, for example; reception, theatre, therapists, nurses, consultants, patient care, administration, and marketing.  The best way to break down these barriers to communication is to split teams up into different groups where they can mix with colleagues from other teams in order to complete a communications challenge.

We like to have a regular team-building day where we come together to participate in activities and exercises designed to promote teamwork, communication, collaboration, and trust. The goal of a team building day is to help team members learn about each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles, as well as to build strong relationships and a sense of camaraderie within the team.

Escape rooms are the ideal event. Teams compete again the clock to complete complex puzzles in order to find a key to open the room they are locked in. Sound easy? Some of us thought so, but ‘easy’ goes out of the window when the game started with 6 of us handcuffed to a wall with no obvious way to get to the room’s clues.

When the dust had settled only one team, the witches, made it out in time. The team in the ‘surgery escape room‘ solved the final clue but missed out by mere seconds as time was called before we opened the final lock.

A fantastic afternoon were everyone had the chance to demonstrate their skills and real teamwork was displayed at all times.

We look forward to the next challenge.

La Belle Forme Team

La Belle Forme - Glasgow Day Surgery Centre Team Building Day

Winning Witches

la Belle Forme Team Building - winning witches -La Belle Forme - Glasgow Day Surgery Centre

The Surgery Team

La Belle Forme Surgery Team Glasgow Day Surgery Centre