We often get told, “I’m looking to get my spider veins removed”. The client looking for this treatment usually has a couple of main questions. “What treatment do you do?” and “will it hurt?”

The medical term for spider veins is telangiectasia, and they are broken capillary blood vessels underneath the skin. Having light-coloured or fair skin make telangiectasia more visible—areas around the nose, under the eyes, or on the cheeks are common locations.

Spider veins appear as tiny red or blue lines, usually less than 1 mm in diameter, that look like branches or a spider web just below the surface of your skin. 

What causes spider veins on the face?

The causes of spider veins on the face may differ from spider veins elsewhere on the body. The following are some of these causes:

Venous deficiency occurs due to a deficiency in backflow of the blood in the veins, causing increased pressure and damage to the vessel walls. Venous deficiency can occur from prolonged inflammation, high blood pressure, and obesity. Even rubbing or washing your face too hard may also lead to broken capillary vessels.


Your age can be a factor. As we get older, our blood vessels become weaker and thinner, causing aged skin to make spider veins more noticeable. Ageing capillaries have a greater tendency to break compared to younger ones.

Inflammatory skin conditions, such as Rosacea can lead to the development of spider veins due to prolonged dilation or irritation.

Free radicals can cause oxidative damage to blood vessels. Even too much exposure to the sun can be a cause of spider veins on the face or under the eyes.

Factors such as stress, insomnia, eyestrain, or a lack of exercise can affect our health in negative ways, and spider veins can develop as a consequence.

Many factors can cause spider veins, Things like obesity, high blood pressure, birth control pills, and pregnancy.

A willing volunteer was sought. The rest of the staff claimed to be far too young for spider veins, which meant that it was up to me to step forward and offer my face for demonstration purposes. So, I placed myself in the hands of an Aesthetic Therapist at La Belle Forme Glasgow and we filmed the video below. She used Nd:Yag and Green Light on my face. At no time did I feel uncomfortable. Did it hurt? No more than what I would call a ping – a very short sting that was forgotten in seconds. Treatment time was around 20 minutes and aftercare was simple – just use a sunscreen and treat the area with aloe vera.

The results were instant. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who thinks spider veins on their nose look unsightly.

David Farrell-Shaw spider veins before - La Belle Forme - Glasgow Day Surgery Centre Spider Veins after La Belle Forme - Glasgow Day Surgery Centre