PERLE Breast Implant Study

A recent paper published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum, by La Belle Forme owner and Medical Director Taimur Shoaib and others, evaluated the preliminary results of a new, smooth, round, and opaque breast implant PERLE by GC Aesthetics used by a single-center UK aesthetic practice – Glasgow Day Surgery Centre. Mr Shoaib presented the paper at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) World Congress in Athens.

“I performed this study to examine the safety of PERLE implants. We introduced these implants into my clinic, La Belle Forme in Glasgow, at the beginning of 2021 when I heard about the science behind them. Every empirical aspect of the implant fitted in with my idea of high quality and I wanted to test this. We followed up 374 patients, with PERLE implants, over an average of 18 months. Our study showed that the safety profile of these implants is comparable with other modern implants with no implant-related complications and no cases of capsular contracture.”

   Mr Taimur Shoaib

Taimur presents at the ISAPS Olympiad Athens World Congress!

Safety In Breast Implant Surgery

Patient following augmentation-mastopexy with 340 cc moderate (MR) profile PERLE implants

patient following augmentation-mastopexy with 340 cc moderate (MR) profile PERLE implants

Modern breast implant surgery is considered to be very safe, with a recent study from Italy demonstrating no perioperative mortality in almost 100,000 such patients over a period of 8 years. Yet, the ideal breast implant still does not exist. Surgeons choose breast implants based on a shared decision-making process with patients, taking into account their individual ideals, requirements, and the best available evidence.

Patients undergoing aesthetic breast surgery between January 2021 and December 2022, on whom the PERLE implant had been used, were reviewed to establish:

  • The operating surgeon
  • the pocket in which the implant was placed
  • If mastopexy (uplift) was also performed
  • The follow-up period
  • The type of surgeries the surgeon performed
  • Type of revision surgery (if any)

Patient demographics:

  • 385 patients underwent aesthetic breast surgery in the period
  • 374 (97.1%) had the PERLE breast implant placed
  • All patients identified themselves as female, with the exception of one, who self-identified as gender-fluid
  • Mean age = 32 years, range 19 to 62

Procedure details:

  • The majority of patients underwent bilateral procedures (99.1%) through a subglandular/subfascial approach (85.3%)
  • Primary breast augmentation (77.6%) was the most commonly performed procedure, followed by augmentation-mastopexy (16.8%)
  • A total of 745 PERLE breast implants were placed, with the majority being either MR (45.5%) or HR (36.8%) profile