Partnering With Sepis FEAT

La Belle Forme is delighted to announce our partnership with Sepsis Research FEAT.

This year, we have chosen to partner with Sepsis Research FEAT. The main objective of this incredible charity is to put a stop to Sepsis by funding vital medical research. This research focuses on understanding how Sepsis operates and helping develop life-saving treatments.

Despite killing more than 52,000 people in the UK alone – more than the total combined deaths due to breast, bowel, and prostate cancer – most people are unaware of the symptoms associated with Sepsis or how it affects the body.

What is Sepsis?

According to the Sepsis Research FEAT:
“Explained simply, sepsis occurs when the body’s life-threatening reaction to an infection spirals rapidly out of control, injuring its own tissues and organs … Any type of infection — bacterial, viral, or fungal — can lead to sepsis.”
The main symptoms of Sepsis are:

• Very high or low temperature
• Uncontrolled shivering
• Confusion
• Not passing as much urine as normal
• Cold or blotchy arms and legs

Raising Awareness

Another vital component of the work Sepsis Research FEAT do is spreading awareness to both the public and UK medical professionals. On Monday 6 March, La Belle Forme was kindly visited by Gill Thomson who gave the clinic an eye-opening presentation on the charity’s work and progress. When asked why visiting workplaces like La Belle Forme is so vital for the charity, Gill explained that:

“Visiting workplaces, particularly those in the health care sector, is a really effective way of spreading awareness. We want as many businesses as possible to know about Sepsis and the key symptoms to look out for. We can work with businesses to tailor information and awareness training to suit their needs, giving the business and their employee’s confidence about what to do in the event of Sepsis. Knowing this information can save someone’s life!”

La Belle Forme looks forward to supporting Sepsis Research FEAT throughout the year by spreading awareness and fundraising. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting events we are organising!

Sepsis Research FEAT do not receive any government funding and relies on the generosity of its supporters to fund their vital work.

Find out more including how to donate.