Patient with cosmetic surgeon

You have thought long and hard about undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure and finally feel ready to get the ball rolling. Going forward, one of the most important choices you will make is which surgeon will perform your procedure. The right surgeon will sit and discuss your desired results in great detail, offer suggestions to optimise your results and help you choose the best procedure(s) to meet your goals. They will be concerned for both your well-being and satisfaction.

But what about the red flags to look out for when attending a surgical consultation? We have prepared a list of 5 red flags to keep in mind.


1.     Best price promises

It may seem like the surgeon is doing you a favour by offering you a deal or discount on a procedure, but this is something you should be wary of. Bodies such as The General Medical Council (GMC) and The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) advise that Cosmetic surgery providers and surgeons have an ethical responsibility to avoid using financial inducements that could influence a patient’s decision, such as discounts, time-limited or two-for-one offers.

Financial incentives can encourage patients to make snap decisions and undergo a procedure they may not be ready for. This could indicate that the surgeon/clinic has cash flow in mind rather than your best interests and safety.

2.     Unclear qualifications and credentials

A fully qualified surgeon will be on will be registered with the GMC. If they are claiming to be a plastic surgeon, they should also have gained the FCRS (Plast) qualification and be present on the GMC Specialist Register. If you cannot find your surgeon on the GMC register or if your surgeon is cagey about their experience and career path, it is a definite red flag.

Also, look out for surgeons who are members of professional associations like BAAPS and BAPRAS. These bodies ensure that all applicants have the relevant qualifications, experience, and insurance to perform certain types of surgery.

3.     Your consultation is with someone other than the surgeon who will perform your procedure

If you discover that your consultation is going to be conducted with a nurse or another member of staff other than your surgeon, you should maybe think twice about whether this is the Clinic for you. Your consultation is where an in depth medical conversation is had to understand your goals and to recommend the best course of action. Anyone who is not a qualified surgeon is not qualified to make these decisions. Your consultation is also your opportunity to get acquainted with your surgeon and get an idea of their character and style. This can be very important when making an informed choice about your procedure and the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

4.     The promise of perfection

Perfection does not exist. Beware of any surgeon that guarantees you an exceptional or perfect result. Every body is unique and there can be no guarantee what your results will look like. A good surgeon will help you form realistic expectations and make you aware of the possible risks and complications associated with any surgical procedure.

5.     Your gut is telling you something isn’t right

Always trust your gut. Cosmetic surgery is a life-changing decision that should not be made lightly. If something in the back of your mind is telling you that a particular surgeon is not trustworthy, do not be afraid to ask more questions or decide to go with another surgeon or practice altogether. Having doubts may also be a sign that you are not ready to undergo surgery. Take time to see multiple surgeons, get recommendations from people in your personal life you trust and really think things through. You will know when things are right.

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