Glasgow Cosmetic Surgery Clinic La Belle Forme has seen a substantial increase in enquiries for Breast Surgery in Glasgow. The clinic says they have been inundated with request for more information. The main areas requested are breast enlargement (augmentation) and breast uplift (mastopexy) in the Glasgow area. This comes despite reports, some suggesting that cosmetic surgery will decline, which have surrounded the Brexit debate in the UK media. 
It’s not just Glasgow that appears to be bucking the so-called trend. According to the most recent figures, both breast augmentation and breast reduction have seen an increase of 6% over the previous year. Statistics released by the British Association Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) show that for men and women combined breast augmentation numbers were 8,251 – up 6% from last year. For breast reduction, the figure was 4,043– also up 6%.

La Belle Forme has been established in Glasgow for more than ten years so it comes as no surprise that enquires for breast surgery in Glasgow mostly end up in their, rather than competitors, inbox. During the current year, the increased demand has come from a variety of sources with an explosion of enquiries from social media. Whilst many of these enquiries start with the price “how much does breast enlargement cost in Glasgow?,” It would appear that La Belle Forme’s reputation is the key measure in most appointment bookings. La Belle Forme says “Many customers tell us that they have shopped around but don’t trust low prices others may offer”. Many are also attracted by the fact that the clinic offers Motiva implants which give a natural look and feel.The clinic offers 3D scanning which means the patients can see what they will look like with implants before they sign up for the procedure.

La Belle Forme has also introduced a finance offer to help reduce the worry associated with the cost of breast surgery. Patients can put down a 20% deposit and pay the balance interest-free over the following 12 months. Terms and conditions apply. Contact the clinic on 0141 552 0828 for details. With the UK Cosmetic Surgeon of the Year 2018, Mr Taimur Shoaib, leading the way for La Belle Forme it certainly appears to be a Brexit Bounce for Breast Surgery in Glasgow.<