Rhinoplasty Study

The World’s largest rhinoplasty study, based on work carried out by La Belle Forme plastic surgeon Taimur Shoaib, will be revealed at the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) Winter Scientific Meeting. The results will be presented at the meeting held at the QE11 Centre in London on the 28th November 2018.

Closed rhinoplasty: outcomes of 242 consecutive cases of rhinoplasty, a single surgeon experience will be presented by Mr Saif Awf Ramman (Chelsea and Westminister Hospital, London) with Mr Taimur Shoaib (La Belle Forme, Glasgow) in attendance.

Closed rhinoplasty is associated with shorter operative time and quicker recovery, in comparison to open rhinoplasty. Closed rhinoplasty remains a useful tool within the armamentarium of the aesthetic plastic surgeon. The paper describes Mr Shoaib’s experience of closed rhinoplasty over a two year period. The aims of these case studies were to assess whether high-quality results can be obtained from closed rhinoplasty despite the popularity of an open approach.

Over a two year period, rhinoplasty procedures carried out by Mr Shoaib were analysed. Data on the approach (open or closed), postoperative complication, surgical revision rates and patient satisfaction were recorded. An independent panel of 3 personnel (two plastic surgeons, one lay person) were selected to rate the outcome of closed technique rhinoplasty performed by Mr Shoaib.

“At the consultation stage, people will often say. “I hate my nose. I want a nose more in proportion with my face.“

Taimur Shoaib

Rhinoplasty Before - La Belle Forme - Glasgow Day Surgery Centre Rhinoplasty After La Belle Forme - Glasgow Day Surgery Centre

A correction was made to de-project the nose with a combination of shaving the nasal hump and reduction to the tip. The patient also had lip filler to add subtle fullness.

Between January 2016 and January 2018 a total of 242 cases of rhinoplasty were performed, 235 were primary procedures and 7 cases were a revision. Out of 242 cases, 8 were open rhinoplasties with the closed approach accounting for 97.5% of cases. The overall complication rate was 0.8 %, the revision rate was 1.4%, and the overall panel rating was 4.8/5.0.

Closed rhinoplasty continues to be an approach to rhinoplasty and can provide good results with low complication rates, low revision rates and high-quality aesthetic outcomes. The presentation will also show the surgical technique used by Mr Shaoib in performing a rhinoplasty.

An outline of the winter presentation was given at the BAPRA Celtic Meeting held earlier this year in Scotland at the Dunkeld House Hotel in Dunkeld Perthshire.

Mr Shoaib also presented his rhinoplasty technique at a meeting of the American College of Surgeons (Jordan Chapter).

Taimur Shoaib is the owner of and senior plastic surgeon at La Belle Forme. Rhinoplasties are carried out by Mr Shoaib in Glasgow and London. Taimur Shoaib was awarded the best plastic surgeon in the UK award in 2018, the best cosmetic surgeon in Scotland award in 2017 and 2015. La Belle Forme was awarded the best cosmetic clinic group in Britain in 2017 and the best cosmetic clinic in Scotland in 2016 and 2015. La Belle Forme has branches and surgeons in Brentwood Essex, Sevenoaks Kent, Harley Street London, Glasgow Scotland and Newton Mearns Glasgow.