La Belle Forme Medical Director Mr Taimur Shoaib called for dermal filler treatments to be better regulated in Scotland. “This will ensure the industry is better controlled and that treatment could only be carried out under the umbrella of medically trained staff such as Doctors, Dentists and Nurses”.

“Right now, the only regulation is through Healthcare Improvement Scotland who is doing a fantastic job ensuring patient safety when fillers are performed by healthcare professionals. However, there is no regulation for fillers when they are performed by a beautician and that is a serious failure of the Scottish Government when it comes to ensuring patient safety”.

“Whilst the vast majority of filler injections are completely safe and without any complications, when a problem does happen, the practitioner needs to be able to recognise it and deal with it. All the complications of filler require prescription treatment, so anyone giving fillers needs to have treatment protocols in place so that they can ensure they have a safe practice”.

Mr Shoaib was responding to the latest news stories about botched filler treatments. Midwife Karen McCrimmon was left in agony after having lip fillers at a beautician-led, Glasgow-based, clinic according to a news article on the BBC website today.

“Basically the blood flow had been stopped to the rest of my face and it was getting worse by the minute,” Karen said. “It was a medical emergency”.

At La Belle Forme we often see similar cases were a patient comes to us to fixed a botched treatment “At La Belle Forme have a long history of correcting injections that have gone wrong. We offer a high level of expertise in this area. As one of the longest established clinics in Glasgow, we offer a safe, highly effective service with excellent backup in case of problems” said Mr Shoaib.

La Belle Forme is Scotland’s longest established medical cosmetic and surgery clinic, owned and run by multi-award-winning plastic surgeon Taimur Shoaib. The clinic was established in 2009 and has won multiple awards over the years including Best Clinic in Britain, Best Clinic in Scotland, Best Reception Team in the UK, Best Plastic Surgeon in Scotland, and Best Plastic Surgeon in the UK. Mr Shoaib is one of only seven senior doctors in the UK who train for Allergan, the largest global producer of dermal fillers.

Horror Stories

A recent BBC news story highlighted some of the many issues caused by un regulated injectors –

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