Jamie Genevieve

Jamie Genevieve who had breast surgery at La Belle FormeLa Belle Forme celebrity client Jamie Genevieve talked to fans about her latest breast surgery via her YouTube Vlog this week.

The social media sensation has a following of over 1.4 million people who regularly view her make-up tutorials or YouTube vlogs.

Jamie has taken the decision to have her breasts reduced in size by changing to a smaller implant. Jamie says that she no longer thinks her current implants are the right size for her frame. It’s a decision she had been considering for around a year.

Jamie talks through how she had to have her makeup, nails, and piercings removed ahead of surgery – she called it  ‘stripping right back for her recovery process’

Loads of fans had asked  for further details about the surgery. In response, Jamie said “it’s the same surgeon that did my breast augmentation the first time. Dr Shoaib is the owner of La Belle Forme where I have been going for years he really is great. When I went to see him about getting my implants changed, I actually talked about just getting them out full stop but we both decided that the results wouldn’t be quite what I was looking for. He’s just been brilliant. He really made me think about it. I’m really excited about getting it done”

The Vlog finished with Jamie talking about having her ‘goonie’ (dressing gown) on, ready for surgery, and how she will post updates about her post-surgery recovery.

The full clip can be viewed on YouTube.

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