The recent Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), Announced Inspection Report on La Belle Forme Glasgow, has been released.

HIS are responsible for the regulation of independent hospitals and clinics in Scotland.

La Belle Forme continue to improve our service and HIS have advised us the direction we should consider taking. Many of these improvements have already been made, with others scheduled to be completed soon.

In response to the HIS Report one of our directors has released the statement below.

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All our staff have worked with patients before and several of our staff still work in the NHS. They have NHS disclosures, but HIS want us to run their disclosure check again. For this reason we know patients remain safe at La Belle Forme. These people have NHS jobs; they are doctors and nurses who have decades of experience and have reached senior positions within NHS Scotland. Clearly their patients are not at risk in the NHS or in the private sector of health care.
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We perform minor surgical procedures such as, skin lesions, scar revisions, eyelid surgery and other such procedures. We have a consultant anaesthetist of over 20 years standing who can help our patients overcome their fears and anxieties of treatments by using relaxation medication, similar to dental sedation. In our procedure room we also fix botched procedure procedures performed elsewhere, we have a pro bono practise for people with cancers and reconstruction needs and we have a large medicolegal practise giving opinions on complications from elsewhere.
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All doctors are allowed to hold controlled drugs without a home office licence and this is how we have been using these controlled drugs until now. HIS suggested we might want to make things easier by applying for a home office licence, which was very helpful of them. The process was not so difficult and although we do not want to advertise this fact, we can now store controlled drugs in the premises. Clearly, though, we would ask you not to make this public.
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Our unsatisfactory notices simply related to health and safety handbooks and our established quality framework programme that predates HIS, They were produced before HIS started regulating us and were best practice at the time. They suggested we review them and bring them up to date at both inspections and this task has been completed. La Belle Forme has been open for more than 10 years. When we first opened we asked The Care Commission for Scotland (the regulator at the time) to regulate us and they refused. We then asked SCSWIS to regulate us, when we started performing minor surgery in the clinic and again they refused. Finally when HIS started, we instructed them in no uncertain terms that we simply wouldn’t accept yet another organisation telling us that they either didn’t have time, or they didn’t want to regulate us.
We have a very good working relationship with HIS and we have even held conferences at La Belle Forme where HIS have spoken. We continue to work closely with our friends at HIS on our new premises.
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HIS also complemented us on several aspects of our care. For example, we give patients excellent advice before they are having surgery at one of the local private hospitals and they commented on how detailed our GP and patient letters were. Additionally, we monitor our Net Promotor Score (NPS) which, for La Belle Forme in 2019, is 96. This needs to be taken in context and, for example, Apple has a NPS of 76, Amazon is 69, John Lewis is 42, IKEA is 32, Waitrose is 30 and CostCo is 78. NPS is the modern effective way of measuring customer satisfaction. Extremely high satisfaction scores can also be seen in our online reviews and in our most recent customer satisfaction survey which was actually administered by HIS themselves.
La Belle Forme is a multi award winning clinic, having won Best Clinic Scotland, Best Clinic Group in the UK, Best Reception Team in the UK, Best Nurse in Scotland, Best Cosmetic Surgeon in the UK and Best Cosmetic Surgeon Scotland. We continue to have patient quality of care at the centre of our service and we aim to continue this when we expand into new, custom built, state of the art facilities in the new year.