Everyone who is interested in plastic surgery will be excited to note that BBC 3 have announced Plastic Surgery Undressed, presented by Mobeen Azhar and Vogue Williams. The 3-part show is said to give viewers information and facts about some of Britain’s most talked-about cosmetic procedures.

Plastic Surgery Undressed will focus on a different operation for each episode:

Recent research suggests that nearly half of the UK’s aged 18-34-years-olds say they are considering surgery.

The BBC say that the volume of conflicting advice on the internet and paid social media promotion can make it “difficult to separate the reliable from the misleading. Unrealistic expectations, rushed decisions and the option to travel abroad for potentially dangerous procedures have led to some ultimately regretting their choice. Plastic Surgery Undressed aims to inform those thinking about cosmetic surgery with the facts they need in order to make the right decision for them.”

In each programme, four people who are all considering having the same procedure will be brought into a studio to learn as much as they can about the procedure they want – each joined by an opinionated friend or family member. They will watch a live feed from a nearby hospital as a leading plastic surgeon performs the procedure on one of their pre-existing patients. Will witnessing the invasive and potentially painful reality of the operation impact their decision to go under the knife in the future?

Throughout the process, the group will discuss and explore the positives and the negatives of cosmetic surgery while also examining how Britain’s wider attitudes to beauty, body image and mental health are evolving. Studio guests with both negative and positive personal experiences of the procedure will help broaden the group’s understanding of the risks and rewards surrounding the operation. By listening to the negative stories they rarely see on social media, as well as hearing from people whose surgery was a success, the people contemplating the procedure will be able to weigh up the benefits, risks and significant financial cost.

While none of the contributors will receive plastic surgery themselves at the end of the process, will any of them still consider going ahead with the surgery in the future?

Episodes are available online starting with Rhinoplasty.

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